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Our Objectives - SEATINI UGANDA
  • Monitor developments in the area of trade, tax and related policies and practices to ensure that these processes generate favourable environment which can be utilized to achieve equitable and sustainable development at national, regional and global levels.

  • To provide a platform for stakeholders to deliberate on global, regional and national issues with a view of developing a consensus.

  • Raise awareness, build long term capacity and bring into discourse the concerns of key stakeholders i.e. Members of Parliament, private sector, the media, government agencies, Trade unions, Farmers’ groups, women’s’ groups, the youth, civil society movements on trade, tax and related matters at national, regional and global levels.

  • Generate information to facilitate evidence based policy advocacy.

At a broader level, SEATINI seeks to:
  • Contribute to the fight for social justice, human rights ( especially Economic , Social and cultural Rights) , democracy and good governance, without partisan, sectarian, racist or sexist biases
  • Network with academics, policy makers, NGOs and civil society movements concerned about the forces and effects of globalization on Africa and the Third World in general.