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SEATINI-Uganda on 16th-17th December 2013, held a two days regional symposium on foreign direct investments, the rise of bilateral investment treaties and their impact on sustainable development in Uganda. The regional symposium brought together representatives from Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda to share experiences and discuss investment as a tool for sustainable development in Uganda and the EAC. Explicit and insightful presentations were made on the following topics; Challenges facing Uganda in the Extractive sector by Hon. Mukitale S. Biraahwa; shaping pro-development investment policies, the role of parliament by Hon. Flavia Rwabahoro Kabahenda and treaties and their impacts on sustainable development by Amb. Nathan Irumba, CEO SEATINI, among others. From the interactive segment, participants came up with the following recommendations that are to be taken into account in order to achieve sustainable development in Uganda and EAC: • The EAC secretariat was urged to develop harmonised investment policies within the EAC region. • Participants urged policy makers to review Uganda’s investment code. • SEATINI-Uganda and the line ministries were tasked to come up with a think tank to review the trade policies to ensure that Uganda and EAC have policies that lead to sustainable development. On 18th September 2013, SEATINI-Uganda organized a half day meeting for members of parliament committee on Trade and Civil Society with the theme: Making investment work in Uganda towards achieving sustainable development. This meeting was premised on the objectives of; discussing the investment climate of Uganda and chat a way forward on how this can lead to sustainable development. Brief presentations were made by Ms. Jane Nalunga, Country Director SEATINI-Uganda and Mr. Emmanuel Mutahunga Ass. Commissioner at Ministry of Trade, Industries and Cooperatives whose presentation exuded the Investment Climate of Uganda. The presentations raised issues ranging from; Uganda has no domestic policy on investment; Uganda lacks a national coherent position in the trade negotiations and FDIs are not regulated among other issues. As a way forward Members of Parliament recommended that SEATINI-Uganda carry out a well thought research paper that will lead to the review of economic and trade related policies of Uganda. SEATINI-U held a half day East African Community-European Union and Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations update meeting on 15th of February 2013 at Hotel Africana. The purpose of the meeting was to get a fresh insight in the current state of the EAC-EU, EPA negotiations, and an update on the EAC-EU Senior Officials Negotiations which took place from 5th to7th February 2013 in Arusha, as well as a way forward in regards to the negotiations. Members at this meeting, agreed to the fact that the government and EPA need to interest the private sector in the negotiations by having a continuous awareness raising so that this is negotiated from an informed point. There was also an urge to have frame works in place, develop the local labor force for fair competition, prioritizing on research as well as developing the existing structures. This meeting was attended by SEATINI stakeholders and a representative from Ministry of Trade corporative and Industry. The story ran in the New vision on-line version as: Uganda is moving to sign EPAS: http://www.newvision.co.ug/news/640103-uganda-moving-to-sign-epas.html