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Hundreds of Ugandans today took to the streets of the capital Kampala to protest against a move by Members of Parliament to exempt themselves from paying income tax off their allowances.Over 500 citizens and activists from different parts of the country assembled at Railway headquarters grounds and matched to UMA show grounds in Lugogo from where they read a statement to the president asking him to stop the ‘greed’ exhibited by Ugandan legislators.With the bolice band in the lead, and several police officers guiding protestors through the journey, they marched through the streets carrying placards and banners, with messages castigating MPs for plotting to evade taxes.'I pay my tax why not you,' read one of the inscriptions on a manila placard, among so many other messages.  Protestors told URN that tax evasion is both undemocratic and irresponsible.Mugoya Wilson, a protestor from Iganga district said that by exempting themselves from paying taxes, legislators are proving that they do not care about the welfare of the rest of the country.  He adds that payment of taxes should be a responsibility of every citizen, specifically those holding positions of leadership.