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The 4thMeeting of the 5th Session of the 3rd East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) is taking place in Kampala, Uganda, from January 16th, up until January 26th, 2017.  In his opening statement   the Speaker of EALA Rt.Hon Daniel Fred Kidega pointed out that over the two-weeks, the Assembly will consider among other issues the EPA  in view of the February 2017 Summit to conclude on the matter i.e. to sign or not to sign. Hon. Kidega stressed that*As an Assembly, we want the EPAs handled with utmost care taking into consideration our quest for industrialization so that a suitable decision that takes into consideration what is best for the region is achieved"'.  *

SEATINI-Uganda is to pay a courtesy call to the EALA Speaker on Friday 27th January 2017 purposely to present its position on the EPA and propose a way forward. Full statement  pdf SEATINI Statement on EPAs Inherent Dangers and Way Forward (238 KB)