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SEATINI and NCHRD-U Sign MOU to Promote Human Rights

On 29th June 2022, SEATINI Uganda signed a Memorandum of.
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SEATINI, FSME and ICG Call on Government to Address the Plight of MSMEs

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are key drivers of.
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SEATINI Participates in the Entrepreneurs’ Post Budget Breakfast Dialogue

Entrepreneurs are recognized as engines and catalysts for economic development.
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Dialogue: The Glue to Inclusive Resource Mobilization Efforts.

At all levels in Uganda, there is limited citizen engagement.
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SEATINI Holds CSO Consultative Meeting on the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference

The twelfth World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference (MC12) will.
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SEATINI Proposes Ways of Unlocking Potential of Uganda’s Coffee Sector

Uganda is among the world’s largest coffee producers, ranked eighth.
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Stakeholders Discuss the State of Uganda’s Economy

In a bid to conscientize and propagate alternative development ideals.