Trade, Investment and Sustainable Development

Trade and investment regimes are constantly evolving. However, they have remained entrenched within the neoliberal paradigm, which emphasizes liberalization, privatization, and deregulation. Whereas efforts have been made to enhance stakeholders’ engagement in different trade and investment negotiations and policy making processes, experience unfortunately shows that the economically stronger parties usually benefit the most; that decision-making lacks transparency; and that, generally speaking, agreements made at the global level are often especially disadvantageous to developing countries/ regions. International trade and investment agreements are often laden with rigged rules which not only have far-reaching implications on the economy of a country, but also for people and the environment. It is primarily the most vulnerable groups who suffer most from these agreements as their rights and sovereignty are undermined through policies, laws, and agreements that contribute to increased inequality, unemployment, limited access to social services, land dispossession, environmental degradation, violation of rights, and casualization of labour among others.

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Our work under Trade, Investment and Development Thematic Area:


SEATINI engages in research and development to generate evidence based information to inform the development of alternative policy options to the pervasive neoliberal ideology currently informing investment and trade related policies and practices. Read More

Strategic interest Litigation to enhance access to remedy

Strategic litigation is a powerful tool to advance rights as well as hold governments accountable and ensure compliance with human rights obligations. SEATINI will therefore use strategic interest litigation as a tool to clarify and fill the gaps in domestic and Read More

Policy Analysis and Advocacy

At the heart of SEATINI’s investment and trade related policy work is policy influencing. In order to influence policy processes and negotiations, SEATINI undertakes policy analysis and advocacy together with partners from trade unions, farmers, MSMEs, youth, Read More

Capacity building

In view of the evolving nature of investment and trade related policy processes, globally, regionally and nationally, SEATINI also focuses on strengthening the capacity of key stakeholders in Uganda and the EAC i.e. trade unions, farmers, Micro Small and Read More

Alliance building and networking

SEATINI hosts a number of networks and working groups. While some are loose, others are formally constituted. SEATINI is also a member of other networks/ coalitions through which the organization advances the work around investment, trade related issues at national, regional and global level. Read More

Media engagement

Through the media, print, radio, television, and social media platforms, SEATINI and her partners in the investment and trade related work puts positions, and alternative policy options in the public domain to influence debate and inform policy and Read More

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