A strong and confident Africa in world Trade.


“To strengthen stakeholders’ capacity to influence trade, fiscal and related policies and processes through research and advocacy, alliance building and networking, training, information sharing and litigation for improved livelihoods and sustainable development in Uganda and the East African region”.

Our Values and Principles:

SEATINI thrives as an independent, people-centered, non-profit making organisation driven by the values of openness, transparency and accountability, integrity and non-violence, working with diligence towards greater justice and equity.

We abide by the following principles in letter and in spirit:

  • Human rights justice, democracy and fairness.
  • People-centered development that takes into account economic social and cultural rights
  • Inclusive and sustainable development that takes into account the different categories of people including the women, youth, PWDs among others
  • A Rights Based Approach to development.
  • Commitment to search for alternatives to the contemporary mainstream neo-liberal model of globalization
  • Non-partisan, professional, non-racist, non-sexist and objective in relation to national, regional and global issues.
  • Non-profit seeking and non-exploitative work ethics
  • Commitment to national, regional and continental unity.